Swimming Ponds

swimming for Nature lovers

If you are considering a swimming pond for your garden or landscape then we recommend you get in contact. The video just below provides a clear overview of what we can create and maintain for you. Children love them. Adults love them. Our swimming ponds are stunning, original and full of ‘living’ water, cleansed by the power of nature.

Features Overview

  • A combined pond and swimming pool

  • Year round interest

  • Wildlife friendly aquatic planting

  • Completely chemical free filtration

  • Suitable for nature lovers or those who wish to enhance a landscape

  • Tried and trusted filtration technology with 35 years of innovation

  • Straightforward maintenance

  • Low running costs

  • Few design constraints

  • Relies on solar gain and ambient temperature to keep warm during the swimming season.

The Water Artisans team are fully trained and trusted partners of the world renowned BIOTOP swimming pond system. For detailed information about the technology behind our pools you can visit the BIOTOP website or even better, contact us for a consultation.


Visit the Water Artisans Pool

Designers and prospective clients are welcome to book an appointment