Water Artisans is a family owned and managed business based in the South of England.

Here’s a note from our Managing Director, Ben Garner.

I remember being fascinated by water from a very young age. The very first pond I created was a reclaimed bathtub, sunk into the ground with a decorative rim of stone pieces. It was teeming with aquatic life and that probably ignited the passion for aquatic landscapes that drives me to this day.

After graduating from University I flirted with the aquaculture industry for a few years but soon moved into the realms of what I considered to be ‘proper’ water engineering. I spent a fantastic 17 years in a site-based and then technical role with another company, finally leaving to start up Water Artisans Ltd in January 2018.

Ben regards technical water design, aquatic plants, swimming ponds, chemical free swimming pools, lake waterproofing and landscape water features as his specialist subjects. You are advised not to let him talk to you for too long about any of these, unless you have plenty of time to spare or you would like to book a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session (please do get in contact if this is something of interest).

Our newest member of the the team is Simon Lindell who, we are delighted to say, joined us in January 2019. Simon has a rich background in the design and construction of water features and plumbing, as well as good knowledge of the latest health and safety requirements. Thankfully he can also mix concrete and operate a spade, such is the extent of his talents!

You may have noticed that we try not to take ourselves too seriously. It's no more complicated than that, we are extremely passionate about what we do so that means you get care, attention to detail, the best service and all with a smile.