Living Pools

Chemical free swimming pools

Our Living Pools are a true swimming revelation. They look like a traditional swimming pool but operate without any of the chemicals you would normally expect. They are 100% chlorine free and rely on natural processes to keep clean. Our Living Pools contain no plants so they can be heated and covered. The water is clear, clean and natural so the Living Pool is an absolute pleasure to swim in.

Features Overview

  • Clear water

  • Completely chemical free filtration

  • Tried and trusted filtration technology with 35 years of innovation

  • Straightforward maintenance

  • Low running costs

  • Can be artificially heated

  • Can be covered

The Water Artisans team are fully trained and trusted partners of the world renowned BIOTOP Living Pool system. For detailed information about the technology behind our pools you can visit the BIOTOP website or even better, contact us for a consultation.


Project Example

Heated to 28C, automatic cover, dark liner